Being okay with Dropped Plates

Sometimes I describe my life as a plate spinner.  Like most moms, even stay at home moms, I run from child to child, side job to side job, event to event, household chore to chore, hoping that nothing falls and breaks–nothing fails.  Needless, to say, something always falls.  I can never be the perfect person that has the clean house, the perfect family, the perfect jobs.  I will never be the perfect Suzy Homemaker.  Instead, I am learning to give those expectations to God and live each day giving my time to Him first and making each category of my life an intentional act of worship–fail or succeed.  I want my heart to be right first. You see, trusting in God and giving all to Him isnt another plate to keep spinning, it is the fuel to keep trying to keep them up.

It is my sincere prayer that this blog will be a place to remind myself (and maybe a few others) to live each day with intentionality to worship Christ in every dish I wash, every parenting moment, every meal cooked, every lesson I teach at church, every detail of my Etsy shop. Along the way, maybe I can find and share some tips to keep the plates spinning a bit longer and keep my focus on Christ in the mean time.

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